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On Thursday, January 19, 2011, I attended the Off-Broadway hit show “The Accidental Pervert” at The Players Theater. Written and performed by Andrew Goffman (interview coming soon) and directed by fellow’s “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Charles Messina, “The Accidental Pervert” tells the true story of one man’s journey growing up discovering his dad’s pornography collection “in a bedroom closet, just to the right of his golf clubs, above the cowboy boots, behind the sweatshirts, all the way up in the top left hand corner” and how this affected him until he met his wife and had a child of his own.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I agreed to come see “The Accidental Pervert,” but what I found was a fun, hilarious, and smart play about one man’s growth from a child into an adult. Andrew is comedic genius because he has put together a show about a subject not many people talk about and has found a very funny way of presenting his journey from discovering his dad’s pornography collection and how that affected his thoughts about sex, women, and most of all his relationship with his dad. What young boy or young boy’s friend hasn’t discovered his dad’s porn collection? What boy hasn’t had questions about what he’s been exposed to? Well, Andrew takes this discovery and questions and deconstructs them with humor, light-heartedness, and bravery.

The way Charles’ brilliant direction and input helped bring Andrew’s story full circle from childhood to adulthood to parenthood is beautiful, cleaver, and most of all inspiring. The set, props, music, and visuals are perfectly matched to the story, adding a deeper understanding to Andrew’s story.

The Accidental Pervert” is a show to see because it’s truthful…men can relate to it because most of them have been in Andrew’s shoes and women can relate to it because it gives them an inside look into a guy’s head. So come on down to “The Accidental Pervert” at The Players Theatre (115 MacDougal Street, 3rd floor) for an evening of insight, laughter, and fun!

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Be sure to catch fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Ann Harada tonight (March 28) at 7pm at the Laurie Beechman Theatre along with Christine Toy Johnson, Raymond J. Lee, Deborah Lew, Jose Llana, and Ann Sanders as they help raise funds for the completion of the documentary film “Transcending: The Wat Misaka Story” Come hear songs from the 1946-47 Broadway season by some of today’s brightest Broadway stars. Tony Award winner Michele Pawk directs the evening. There is a $25 cover charge + $15 food/drink minimum.

“Transcending: The Wat Misaka Story” is a film about Japanese American basketball star Wat Misaka, who was the first person of color to be drafed into what is now the NBA by the 1957 Knicks. For more on the film, please visit: http://www.watmisaka.com

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If you missed fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Keith Lichtman on “LX New York,” here’s your second chance to see him in this latest installment. Watch him help Georgette turn her collection of photos into a wonderful display of art!

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KEITH LICHTMANKeith Lichtman’s entire life has been one continuous creative adventure. At the age of 10 he began serious training as a competitive figure skater. Years later, he culminated his young career as the U.S. National Junior Figure Skating Champion. Immediately after winning the U.S. title, he continued as a choreographer where his work was performed in numerous international events, including the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. His keen eye for coordinating shapes, movement, and overall composition had received national and international recognition.

Creativity and “thinking outside the box” has been a way of life for Keith. Twelve years ago, upon discovering a virtually raw space in a 100-year-old brownstone in Boston’s historic Back Bay, he envisioned how he could transform the space into a spectacular residence for himself. The conversion process, along with the wonderful outcome, resulted in a feature article in “Design Times” magazine and the makings of a new career.

Deciding to parlay his aesthetic senses and his passion for interior design on a full-time basis, Keith was accepted at The New York School of Interior Design on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where he began his formal design training. His keen intuition and unusual sensitivity to all things visual propelled him to the head of the class.

While still in design school, he was hired by the highly recognized Sills Huniford Associates, where he shopped for fabrics and furniture for distinguished clients. He was then discovered by Thomas Jayne Studio and hired as a senior designer, running high profile projects for an additional two years.

As a leader and natural “creator,” Keith decided to open his own business, KL Interiors, in the summer of 2002. With many successful projects already to his credit, he continues to use his aesthetic sensibilities – – working his magic and breathing life and beauty into each new home and apartment. For more on Keith and his work visit: http://www.kl-interiors.com/

1. Who inspired you to become a figure skater/interior designer? Skating: No one person in particular, but I saw an Ice Capades show when I was 10 and was completely enamored by the whole combination of music, speed, and dance.  It was magical to me. I knew at age 10 that skating would be one of the great passions in my life. Interior Design: Again, no one individual in particular inspired me, but I’ve always had a “love of home” and had the belief that home should be your refuge from the world – and a beautiful and inspiring one at that. That is my continuing motivation: to have your surroundings make you feel good, beautiful, and inspired. Just have to add: when I design an interior, I feel like I am actually “choreographing it” and very much using the same part of my brain and the same creativity as I do on the ice. To me, choreography and interior design are quite similar; it’s all about creating and planning shapes and images in space for a great effect.

2. What was your most embarrassing skating & designing moment? Skating: When I first skated at a very elite training center in Colorado, I virtually passed out with a bloody nose while skating in front of everyone. I just wasn’t used to the mile-high altitude combined with the intense movement of skating. Interior Design: An armoire would not fit into a client’s apartment. I measured the elevator and all the doorways, but missed a tight, corner turn inside the apartment. My contractor had to disassemble the cabinet — piece by piece — and cut it back to a better size. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And a retrofitted armoire.

3. Do you have any strange or unusual talent that no one knows about? Nothing too unusual, but I’m quite musical and rhythmic. Guess it’s part of my skating genes. I started playing piano when I was six and at one point seriously considering song writing as my career.  I’ve recorded in various studios, and my main demo singer got discovered through one of my tapes. She appeared on Beverly Hills 90210 and had opened for Barry White in concert. Thought that was pretty nifty!

4. Who is the one person you’d like to choreograph a routine for and who’s living space would you like to make over? Choreography: I always felt that Tanya Harding should have hired me during her tumultuous times! Interior design: I would love to do Sara Jessica Parker’s NYC home. I sense that she’d be open to great style and working outside the proverbial box. I would love to create the most stylish and magnificent space for the Sex and The City gal. Assuming that Sara’s space is already done, I’m open to designing Carrie’s next home in the movie sequel.

5. Favorite TV show? True Confessions: See above. ‘nuf said. The show is so full of truisms – so relatable. I love commentary on human nature, and this show illustrates and highlights it so well.

6. Favorite kind of skates? My skates are Harlicks, made in California. They are custom-designed, made from molds of my feet. Can’t get any better or more comfortable than that!

7. Favorite way to stay in shape as a skater & as a designer? As a skater: I still rise early in the a.m. to sneak in some skating time on my own at Chelsea Piers. I also freelance several times a year doing choreography for national level skaters from out of state. As a designer: I stay in good mental shape by reading lots of design magazines and really exposing myself to others’ designs – not just my own projects. I am a big believer in recognizing and acknowledging good work, regardless of whose it is. It keeps me growing and gets my imagination brewing for my next project.

8. Boxers or briefs as a skater & as a designer? As a skater: Had to be briefs! Trust me. As a designer: Still briefs. But doesn’t have to be anymore 🙂

9. Favorite website? I love www.Decorati.com and www.homeportfolio.com.  They are very comprehensive sites and great resources for interior design furnishings.

10. “Mary” or “Rhoda”? Both. Loved them both and think I’m a hybrid of the two. Like a “Marhoda.” Love the goodness in Mary and the playful outspokenness of Rhoda. But most important, I’ve always believed I’m Gonna Make it Afterall….

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