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Next To NormalI have seen many shows in my life and many more because of this blog, but I can’t recall seeing a show that engulfed me as much as “Next To Normal.” This story captures you from the start and continues to pull you in and keeps you way beyond the ending of the show. “Next To Normal” tells the story of a family copingĀ  with mental illness and while you might not think this makes for a musical, you better think twice about that. The music and lyrics successfully help drive this compelling story. Bringing this family to life is the supreme talents of Alice Ripley as the mother “Diana” who is suffering from mental illness, J. Robert Spencer (fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest participant) as the father “Dan” who is trying to help “Diana,” Kyle Dean Massey (who was performing tonight in place of Aaron Tveit) as “Gabe,” “Diana” & “Dan’s” son, Jennifer Daminao as “Natalie,” “Diana” & “Dan’s” daughter, Louis Hobson as “Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine,” the doctors who medically treat “Diana,”, and Adam Chandler-Berat as “Henry,” “Natalie’s” boyfriend. If you have not seen this show, don’t wait a moment longer, it’s worth the journey!

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