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Sydney Park is yet another next generation actress who’s star is rising! At just 6 years old, she was the youngest person to ever perform stand-up comedy at the Hollywood Improv and by age 7, she had the character of “Sydney” written specifically for her on Disney’s “That’s So Raven,” starring Raven Symone. Since then, Sydney has had roles on “Entourage,” “Hannah Montana,” “The Sarah Silverman Program,” and “Gary Unmarried.” She also performed her stand-up comedy on “The Tonight Show,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “Chelsea Lately.” Currently, Sydney can be seen in “Spork” (directed by fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant J.B. Ghuman Jr) premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival through May 1.

1. Who inspired you to become a performer? My parents because they never really got a chance to do what they wanted to do when they were young due to tough situations. My mom used to work at the Hollywood Improv as a Server and I would always come and hang out with the comics. I was only 6 years old when I decided to write a 3-minute set and hit the stage doing stand-up comedy. I became the youngest comedian ever at the Hollywood Improv. Only cool parents that let you do that! They are so loving and they let me be free to be me! I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer. I was born with the fever – acting, stand-up, dance, singing – it’s in my blood.

2. Who is the one person you haven’t worked with that you would like to? Wow – one person huh? I’d have to say Meryl Streep. She’s a master! My goal is to memorize all her scenes from “The Devil Wears Prada” – she is phenomenal! I love everything she does.

3. If you couldn’t be doing what you are doing now, what career would you choose? I would choose to be a person that creates charity organizations for the children of the world. I have such compassion for families that go to bed hungry. I would love to do that someday. I must give back. No more hungry kids!

4. What has been the best advice you’ve received? When I do stand-up, I still get nervous before I go onstage. I would say, “What if I bomb?” or “What of I get heckled?” and my parents would pull me to the side and say “Baby, just make it to the mic!” It’s so true! The scariest thing to me is the walk to the stage – it seems so long for some reason. Once I’m up there, the world is mine! Great advice from my peeps. I use that for everything I do that might be difficult.

5. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? What do you order? That’s easy – Starbucks fo sho’! Don’t get me wrong, Dunkin’ Donuts can be off the hook too, but Starbucks is my jam. I order a grande vanilla bean with a decaf shot and whipped cream of course!

6. Favorite meal? Artichokes with butter and my mom’s “Black Mama Chicken” – with BBQ sauce and onions. Mmmmm….Good for the soul!

7. Favorite skin care product? Clean & Clear (Foaming Facial Cleanser). That keeps my skin clean and oil-free. Plus, it’s inexpensive!

8. Favorite TV Show? “Spongebob Squarepants” and “Glee.” I would be nothing without these shows!

9. Favorite website? Etsy.com – the best website in the world! You can buy anything on this site….and I mean anything!

10. Superman or Wonder Woman? I prefer Wonder Woman. I hate to be so obvious, but come on, she’s a beautiful chick that is strong and independent.


11. Favorite store to shop in? I actually have two stores – Forever 21 and H&M.  I love their clothes and the prices super cool, plus I’m on a budget!

12. Favorite quote? “You are my glue and without you I’m nothing but broken pieces” I found this one on the iPod – free quotes app. I feel this way about my best friend Nya and my parents. Kind of mushy – I know, but so me 🙂

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