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Christine Pedi is an award winning performer who will crack you up with her dead-on impersonations and impressions, while dazzle you with her vocals. Her cabaret shows have earned Christine a MAC Award, New York Nightlife Award, a Backstage Bistro Award as well as being named one of the “Top Ten Memorable Theatre Moments of the Year” by Broadwayworld.com and Show Business Weekly named her “Best Female Cabaret Performer.” In addition to her cabaret work, Christine is a well known theatre performer who has performed in multiple incarnations of “Forbidden Broadway,” earning herself a Drama Desk nomination and LA Ovation award. Her Broadway credits include “Talk Radio” and “Little Me.” Her other stage credits include “The A Train Plays,” “The 24 Hour Plays,” Edith Wharton’s “Xingu,” “Dalliance in Vienna,” “Fanny Brice,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “A Broadway Diva Christmas,” and “Carlotta the Gypsy Cow.” Christine just finished up a run in the Off-Broadway’s “NEWSical the Musical” produced by fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Tom D’Angora along with Fred M. Caruso. Stay tuned because Christine is planning her next move…but for more on Christine, in the meantime, visit http://www.christinepedi.com.

1. Who inspired you to become a performer? Nobody specifically just the love of music and theatre. Probably the composers.

2. Who is the one person you haven’t worked with that you would like to? One? Are you kidding? Let’s start with Stephen Sondheim….

3. Do you have any strange or unusual talent that no one knows about? I AM strange and unusual but not for any particular reason.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve given someone, but not taken for yourself? RELAX!

5. What is your proudest moment? A toss up between a few well received performances I did at Gypsy of the Year and Avery Fisher Hall and some wonderful compliments given to me by a few of my theatre idols.  Those are my most cherished possessions.

6. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? What do you order? Starbucks: (get ready) Tall, Decaf, espresso frappuccino with mocha chips. Use HALF the Frappucino mix and extra ice. (This baffles many a barrista but I don’t give up till they get it right since this gives me a super thick less caloric coffee experience.)  Bill Mahers “New Rules” states “You’re an asshole IF: it takes more than two words to order your coffee”…color me ASSHOLE.

7. Best holiday gift ever? Mom & Dad gave me a star shaped brass paperweight engraved with “Never give up love Mom & Dad”

8. Favorite comedian? I love many for many different reasons Dame Edna, Don Rickles, Fran Drescher, Carol Burnett, Robert Klein, Lucille Ball…

9. Favorite website? iTunes Music Store, IMDB.com & Zappos.com (they deliver shoes for FREE!)

10. “Mary” or “Rhoda”? Rhoda.


11. Favorite store to shop in? Lord & Taylor, Bed Bath and Beyond (The happiest place on earth).

12. What is the highest and lowest note you can sing? I can hit a high C (maybe a note or 2 higher tho seriously when am I ever gonna have to?)I have a little over 3 octaves with a pretty low range.  Call me before 11am and you can hear what I mean.

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I saw “All About Me,” the new Broadway show at the Henry Miller Theatre starring Michael Feinstein & Dame Edna. Initially Michael was going to have his own solo show called “All About Me” and Dame Edna was going to have her own solo show “It’s All About Me,” but as time progressed, the powers that be felt they should combine forces because both shows have similar titles and theatregoers might get confused when purchasing tickets. Separately these two performers are magnificent, but together is a whole other story. Both are international treasures: Michael is a five-time Grammy nominee and one the greatest singers of the American Songbook while Dame Edna is a character/personality adored by many. Getting to see these two performers IS a treat! Each use their charisma & talent to drive the show forward, especially when alone on stage. Michael enjoys telling the story, history, & personal relation behind the song as much as he enjoys singing it. Dame Edna loves the joke to get the laugh. Together, they do a good job of combining forces, but I do believe this show should have remained as two separate entities. Each performer has so much to offer that the combination sometimes hinders the bright light that shines on them individually. Even though I wish this was two separate shows, it’s still worth the trip to “All About Me” because you will get to see two legends do what they do best.

P.S. There is one other performer in the show that deserves to be mentioned, Jodi Capeless, who is making her Broadway debut in “All About Me,” playing the “Stage Manager.” She gets to belt out a big show stopping number that had me wanting more! Keep your eye on her because her star will continue to shine.

So head on down to the Henry Miller Theatre (124 West 43rd Street, between 6th Ave & Broadway) and see two legends along with a Broadway debuter make her mark!

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Tonight I attended an online blogger press event for the new Broadway show “All About Me” starring Michael Feinstein & Dame Edna. We spent 45 minutes with these two legendary entertainers as they joshed back and forth in between talking about their upcoming endeavor together. As described by Michael Feinstein and Dame Edna, the show is going to be an extravaganza with scripted and unscripted material intertwined in the telling of how two separate shows became one and the emotions that went along with that. There will be plenty of duets as well as solo time dedicated to each performer. Previews start February 22 at the Henry Miller Theatre on 43rd Street in NYC (between 6th & 7th Avenue).

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