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Lance Horne, the Emmy Award winning composer, musician, vocalist, and producer just released his long-awaited debut recording “First Things Last” on the Yellow Sound Label. “First Things Last” is one CD you need to add to your collection. Combining pop, rock, theater, and jazz, “First Things Last” features a host of stage and screen stars singing several songs from his upcoming musicals “The $trip” and “The Center.”

With mostly emotionally charged lyrics, Lance knows how to draw a listener in and make them stay with a perfect mixture of lyrics, music, and talented performers. Along the way, Lance intertwines a few comedic songs which helps recharge you for the next wave of emotions that are about to come through.


Alan Cumming open this CD with a bang on “American.” Using his beautifully skilled vocals, Alan sings with feeling about everything that makes him be an American. Lance’s lyrics and melody combined with Alan’s vocals are entrancing and make you want more.

“In The Name of the Father”

Bryce Ryness continues making “First Things Last” a must have with his rock-style voice being wonderfully matched to “In The Name of The Father,” all about struggling through rough times and eventually rising up to conquer through them.


Continuing to ignite this CD is two time Tony-Award Nominee and fellow “Adaubmelle’s Quest” participant Daphne Rubin-Vega singing to her love “Orpheus” from the world beyond, hoping he’ll see her and know how much she loved him. Daphne’s voice perfectly exposes the emotion, passion, and yearning her character in this song is experiencing.


Emma William’s rich vocals shine brightly on “Leap,” a song all about taking chances and pushing through your fears, discovering the strength and courage hidden underneath.

“Strange Bird”

Cheyenne Jackson’s golden voice makes “Strange Bird” a song you could listen to over and over again. The song is about a couple that have split, but remember the strong love and bond they once had, though each are hoping to get over the hurt and move on.


Between Meow Meow’s sultry voice and Lance’s music, “Janaury” is a sexy jazzy song about a woman trying to move on, but recounting her relationship after her lover leaves.

“Every Moment”

Julie Atherton beautiful voice brings “Every Moment” even more alive as she too struggles through her weak days and strong days in the after-math of breaking up with her boyfriend, remembering “Every Moment” together.


To help break up the seriousness of the album is none other than former talk-show host Ricki Lake who sings “Haircut,” all about a woman so excited about all aspects of getting a “really good haircut.”

“Last Day On Earth”

Hannah Waddingham’s powerfully strong vocals bring a chill and deep connection to “Last Day On Earth” in which she sings about her character’s final day of being alive.

“Little White Asparagus Blues”

Adding the next wave of comic relief is Lance Horne himself on “Little White Asparagus Blues” which was written for T.R. Knight to sing in the documentary “Asparagus! Stalking The American Life” all about the issues white asparagus have living amongst the dominant green asparagus.

“Anyone Who’s Ever Been In Love”

Alexandra Silber’s luscious vocals bring much emotion to “Anyone Who’s Ever Been In Love” about a woman who longs to be in love, but as she gets older, she finds dating just as hard and daunting as in her younger years.

“Hurry Up And Take Your Time”

Lea Delaria brings her expert jazz vocals to “Hurry Up And Take Your Time,” about a woman trying to lure her lover away from her current flame and be with her.

“6 Hours”

Paul Spicer’s enjoyable voice makes “6 Hours,” how long you wish you had to listen to him, though one could listen longer. “6 Hours” tells the tale of a guy who has 6 hours to make the girl he meets on an airplane to fall in love with him.

“The Little Prince”

The final comedic song, “The Little Prince” is sung by Amanda Palmer, former front woman and keyboardist of the internationally acclaimed punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls. A cute song about how she hates “The Little Prince.”

“Tell Me The Truth”

Aneurin Barnard closes “First Things Last” with “Tell Me The Truth” about a man wondering when love will find him. Aneurin’s soothing voice helps bring the out the emotion and universally relatable topic most everyone wonders about.

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