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It’s pretty amazing to be sitting at show literally watching the next generation performing before your eyes. That is exactly how I felt tonight when I saw “Nine” at Tisch School for the Arts Produced by Micky Chorny, Directed by Shanna Richey, and Choreography by Katie Hill.

“Nine” tells the story of filmmaker “Guido Contini’s” struggle with his creative process as he looks for artistic inspiration to make his next movie while walking the fine line between his reality and his art.

Starring fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Zachary Infante as “Little Guido” along with Noah Shalom as “Guido Contini,” Su Hendrickson as “Luisa Contini,” Gillian Munsayac as “Carla Albanese,” Rachel Duddy as “Claudia Nardi,” Christina King as “Guido’s Mother,” Amanda Savan as “Lilliane La Fleur,” Gina Salvia as “Stephanie Necrophorus,” Mariel Blatt as “Sarraghina,” Sara Tazari as “Our Lady of the Spa,” Melissa Lehman as “Diana/British Reporter,” Molly Blodgett as “Maria/German Reporter,” Tiger Brown as “Annabella/American Reporter/Dance Captain,” Charlie Kolarich as “Francesco/American Reporter/Dance Captain,” Ricky Saunders as “Renato/British Reporter,” and Traver Tischio as “Giulio/Cardinal/German Reporter.”

I am a big fan of this show, especially the music. Watching these students was pretty amazing because I kept thinking, one of these performers could be the star of a future Broadway production. One just never knows. The cast’s chemistry was great and everyone worked well together! Hitting all the right notes, Noah Shalom was able lead the show as “Guido” while Zachary Infante shined as “Little Guido,” particularly his body language and facial expressions which he need to rely on heavily. When Zachary sang, the audience was more than focused! Su Hendrickson was perfectly cast as “Luisa” using her big booming voice to really communicate the betrayal she felt from “Guido.” She commanded the stage during “Be On Your Own.”  Rachel Duddy did a great job with “Unusual Way” as “Claudia,” while Christina King really hit the high notes as “Guido’s Mother.” Amanda Savan gave quite a performance as “Lilliane La Fleur,” especially during “Follies Bergeres,” which garnered her quite the round of applause. Mariel Blatt made her mark as “Sarraghina” during her triumphant “Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian.” While I’m only highlighting a few of the cast members, everyone really did a great job and when this cast dances all together, boy do they shine!

With a very limited run and wait-list for tickets, do try to catch “Nine” at Tisch School for the Arts The Shop Theater (721 Broadway, 2nd Floor) through this Saturday, October 30.

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