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On Tuesday, July 6,  I saw the very first performance of “Billy Carver and The Children In Mind” at Manhattan’s Theatre Source, written and directed by MontSerrat Mendez, the award-winning writer of “Thoroughly Stupid Things.” This British comedy tells the story of Joannie Roman Redd, a successful writer of the “Billy Carver” series who thinks of giving up her career after the reviews of her latest book suggest she put her stories on the big screen. The farce that ensues from there is one that makes you laugh, while wondering what will happen next. Written in three days and with only three weeks of rehearsal, the whole cast of “Billy Carver” should be applauded big time for their hard work, dedication, and effortless chemistry displayed on stage. Some of the best moments, for me, come from Stuart Williams who plays “Joannie’s” assistant “Tristan,” Lauren Roth as Hollywood starlet “Priscilla Margot Saunders,” and of course Jenny D. Green who stars as “Joannie Roman Redd.” Each one of them commands the stage when on it. Stuart’s facial expressions and body language captivated me as I couldn’t wait to see what look or move he would do next to end his dialogue. Lauren’s spot on comedic timing and inflection added much comic relief to the show and constantly reminded me of why there is such love for her character. Jenny engulfed the part of “Joannie,” perfectly portraying the writer who is dedicated to her craft of language and literature, the conflicted woman who is torn between two lovers, and the business woman who is not sure what route to go.

If you are looking for a show that is packed with dedication, talent, and love, then I suggest you go see “Billy Carver and The Children in Mind” at Manhattan Theatre Source (177 MacDougal Street, NYC), but you should hurry because this limited run ends July 24! Showtimes are Wednesdays-Saturdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 2pm. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased by clicking here!

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