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Today I saw Freed Purple Monkey Theatrics and The Stage Reperotry Company’s production of “A Matter of Choice” at the NYC Fringe Festival. Written by Chad Beckim and co-produced and co-directed Alicia Dempster and T.R. Burtt, Jr , “A Matter of Choice” tells the story of three friends who must decide what do when they get a letter from the MTA telling them they are being evicted from their apartment due to the 2nd Avenue Subway project.

In different stages of their lives, these friends start to question where they are at, with the themselves and with each other. Jake Lemmenes plays “Webb” who must decide whether to continue to live with his friends or take the next step in his relationship with “Michael,” played by Nicholas Wilder. Divided between the love he has for his friends and the love he has for his boyfriend, “Webb” decision could cost him more than just his friends, it could cost him his life.

Tom Woflson who plays “Diggs,” a guy who would rather avoid the responsibility life puts on you as you grow older than work through it and Ashley Marie Ortiz who plays the well-educated and responsible “Chasity.” “Diggs” has to figure out whether it’s time to grow up and find a new place to live or continue coasting by, high as can be, and possibly be homeless. With her stable job and head of the household attitude, “Chasity” has to decide where to go next…does she stay living with her brother “Diggs”, get a place of her own, or move back home with her parents.

Rounding out the cast are Emily Edgerton as “Madison,” Amanda Kay McDonald as “Karen,” and Damlyr Shuford as “Boo.” These friends are interwoven throughout the show adding circumstances to each of the main characters choices as to what they should do.

The cast works well together and the story is entertaining and thought-provoking. It makes one think, what would you do, if you got evicted? Would you be able to handle curve life has thrown at you or would you just crumble? To help figure things out, come take a trip to “A Matter of Choice” at the SoHo Playhouse at 15 Vandam Street (between 6th Ave & Varick) in NYC. Remaining performances are: Tue 8/17 at 10:15pm, Thur 8/19 at 7pm, Sat 8/21 at 2:15pm.

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