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Tales from the TunnelI just the NYC Fringe Show “Tales From The Tunnel” about our daily scenarios on the NYC subway system. Humorous and touching, this show’s topic is easily identifiable. Whether it’s the NYC subway, Boston’s T, Washington DC’s Metro or any other train system you’ve rode, these are scenarios you can relate to. Tonight’s show was unique because unfortunately Wilson Jermaine Heredia was out sick at the last moment, but the whole cast should be applauded for not missing a beat while one of their own, Sam Rosenberg, covered Wilson’s parts in addition to his own. If you are thinking of what Fringe show to check out next, “Tales From The Tunnel” should be on your list!

Two of the more humorous scenarios I enjoyed were:

1. A segment of Musical Chairs to see which handicapped/disabled rider gets a seat.

2. A woman is sitting on the subway on a really hot summer day in a dress, the lights go out, and she feels something licking her legs and as she’s waiting for the lights to come back on she’s imaging it’s some crazy guy getting off, but to her delight, it’s a seeing eye dog.

Some of the touching scenes that stuck with me were:

1. Recounting a subway ride on September 11, 2006, 5 years after the World Trade Center attack and having the subway conductor remind riders of what they would have seen if they rode the subway 5 years earlier on September 11, 2001.

2. A subway ride that involved a homeless man coming on the subway and saying how “it’s so cold, it’s so cold, it’s so cold” and one compassionate rider giving the homeless man his coat.

3. A homeless guy who had the world at his feet and little by little his life started to fall apart, first by him losing his job, then his girlfriend leaving, and then a falling out with his parents, which left him no where to go but the streets.

Everyone has a “Tale From The Tunnel”, come see if yours is lived out!

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