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On February 27, 2011, award winning composer and fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Bobby Cronin will be having some of the biggest and rising West End talent perform his music in “The Songs of Bobby Cronin” at London’s New Players Theatre. Bobby’s music is emotional, celebrational, and most of all inspiring and positive! Bobby has sold out shows here in NYC at Birdland, the Metropolitan Room, and The Laurie Beechman Theatre. He’s also sold out in Chicago at Davenport’s. Bobby’s work includes “Welcome to My Life,” “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” “Cyrana,” “Ten Reasons I Won’t Go Home With You,” and his debut album “Reach The Sky!”

Now Bobby is bringing his love and positive energy across the pond to London! Joining Bobby on stage will be Samantha Barks, Leanne Jones, Sally Ann Triplett, Rebecca Vere, Simon Bailey, Natasha Barnes, Rosalie Craig, Mark Evans, Jye Frasca, Hadley Fraser, Ashleigh Gray, Jodie Jacobs, Rebecca Lock, Ceili O’Connor, Katie Rowley Jones, Caroline Sheen, and Liam Tamne.

On Sunday, February 27 at 8pm, make sure you are at London’s New Players Theatre for “The Songs of Bobby Cronin!” It’s an evening that will inspire you, comfort you, and most of all leave you smiling for Bobby’s music will make you feel good! For tickets in London call: 08444 771 000.


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Be sure to catch powerhouse vocalist and fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Katie Thompson for her triumphant return to Birdland on Monday, February 22 at 7pm in “Private Page.” She’ll be joined on stage by another “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Erik Sisco (“Sing What I Wanna Sing“), along with Matt Doyle (“Spring Awakening,” “Bye, Bye, Birdie”), Tom Lenk (“Rock of Ages,” “Buffy”), Dee Roscioli (“Wicked”),  Anne Fraser Thomas (“The Grinch” at The Old Globe), and Mariand Torres (“Giant” at Signature). Come celebrate with Katie & her friends as she independently releases her album. Two tracks a month! Past tracks include “Your Side,” “I Like Christmas For The Food,” “Heaven Is A Place,” and “Slow.” To find out what she’s releasing next, come on down to Birdland on Monday, February 22 at 7pm.

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Today was another exciting day. I attended my very first industry reading. What is an industry reading one might ask? An industry reading is when a show is presented before producers and other potential investors in hopes of having a commercial run. The actors perform the full show with scripts in hand and depending on space, minimal costume and set, if any at all.

The reading today was for a show called “The Beaten Path” by the talented & dynamic singer/songwriter/composer Bobby Cronin (a fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant). Formally titled “B.R.A.T.T. Camp,” “The Beaten Path” tells the story about a group of kids who get sent to boot camp in hopes of having their mischievious/self-destructive ways reformed. Each character maybe going through their own emotional journey, but together they are all going through the journey of life and growing up. “The Beaten Path” is an emotional and at times humorous musical that deserves to be taken. The music Bobby has written really drives the story forward and easily allows the audience to feel the strong emotions of these characters. The young cast he chose for the reading was fantastic, comprising of Andrew Barbato, Zachary Infante, Megan Pietrantonio, Julie Reiber, Emily Rogers, Justin Stein, and Derrick Trumbly.

In a world where one can easily feel disconnected, Bobby Cronin knows how to make you feel connected. If you are looking for a show to produce this will hopefully be the one you choose, contemporary & modern, with a lot of heart!

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Be sure to check out fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Eric Michael Krop’s new song “IF” and “IF” you haven’t downloaded his solo album, “Eric Michael,” head over to iTunes and do so!

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With her powerhouse vocals, Anne Brummel has been flying high! From “Wicked” in Chicago and on the 2nd National Tour to the national tours of “Cats” and “Evita” as well as leading her vocals to fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest participant Bobby Cronin’sReach The Sky Concert,” Anne’s voice has been heard around the world filling not only theatre’s, but the hearts of many lucky audiences. You can currently catch Anne traveling the country on the 2nd National Tour of Wicked.

1. Who inspired you to become a performer? I grew up in theatre. Both my parents were musical theatre performers so, I guess in a way, they inspired me. I don’t think it was any one thing or person as much as it was just in my blood.

2. What is the highest and lowest note you can sing? Oh jeez…..whatever that impossible low note is at the end of “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked to an E above high C ish.

3. Who is the one person you haven’t worked with that you would like to? There are lots!  I would love to work with any broadway icon…….Carolee Carmello is someone who I would love to be on stage with. She is just Amazing!

4. Who do you consider to be your hero? My mother. She is the coolest person I know.

5. Peanut Butter: Crunchy or Smooth? For sandwiches and apple dipping, smooth. But for glutinous chocolate dipping, crunchy.

6. What skin care products do you use? I’m always trying new things. My skin is not overly sensitive, so I enjoy trying new stuff. Currently I am using Origins A Perfect World cleanser. I also use a Hyurolonic Acid day and night cream and Vitamin E ointment at night.

7. Favorite play/musical? I don’t have just one….Funny Girl, Nine, Evita,Company…..Cats……just kidding…..not Cats!

8. Favorite hobby? Cooking.

9. Best holiday gift ever? My husband got me the most beautiful necklace for my birthday. I know its not recognized as a national holiday , but in my world it counts!!

10. “Saved By The Bell” or “California Dreams”? SAVED BY THE BELL!!!!!!!!!

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If you missed fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Katie Thompson singing the bejeezes out “No Reason At All,” written by the amazingly talented Jonathan Reid Gealt, at the Cutting Edge Composers II concert, well here is the video (if you look very, very closely at the beginning of the video when Katie flicks her hair, you can quickly see her sporting my button on the right side of her shirt).


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Get ready for this Monday, November 23 to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participants Erik Sisco and very special guest Katie Thompson are performing live at The Duplex in NYC in Erik’s show “Sing What I Wanna Sing.” Showtime is 9:30pm. If you have never heard these two powerhouse voices, come down to The Duplex in NYC’s historic West Village and spend what is going to be a very enjoyable and mesmerizing night!

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